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  D. Wayne Dworsky

Phone: 917-834-2902

Broad Experience
D. Wayne Dworsky is world travelled. An avid reader and reviewer, he keeps informed of ground-breaking discoveries, and maintains correspondence with others in the field.
I am a reviewer for Sacramento Book Review (reviewing science fiction and science titles), writer, blogger, columnist for American Chronicle (I write feature research articles about scientific pursuits, as well as popular subjects) and have a few books in print. My blogs are many and located in several sites on the internet.
Comprehensive Review:

Alpha Centauri & Beyond is a new podcast slated to begin in late July. The show's mission is to marry science fiction and science by way of interviewing guests who represent the science fiction and science communities. These include science fiction authors, speakers, bloggers and experts in the fields of science as they relate to space travel, theories of the cosmos or exploring the universe.

This show talks about humans venturing out beyond our solar system, whether in science fiction drama or for real. Alpha Centauri is our closest star, some 4.3 light years away-- that's 25 trillion miles, unimaginably far. Is it possible to travel there? How long will it take? Can we warp space to decrease time? What will happen if our travel causes us to move into the future?

Our premiere show will feature exploring the galaxy, en route to Alpha Centauri, our closest star system. Even so, the distances are so great that they defy our understanding. Still, we must reach out to the stars, seeking discoveries, as did Columbus in 1492. We must risk our lives to embark on such an adventure. On the other hand, we can make such an expedition in our minds, through the wonder of science fiction. We will talk about both worlds--the world of the cosmos and the world of fiction. Some of the questions we may dare to ask: 1) Could there be a habitable planet in Alpha Centauri? 2) Could there be life at Alpha Centauri? 3) Is it possible for humans to travel to Alpha Centauri? Current technology would take 62,000 years to reach the system. (Even at one-tenth light speed, it would still take 40 years.) 4) How could we stay alive in a vessel for 40 years?

We're already booked for the first six episodes, aiming to air in late July. Times are still not etched in granite. The prospect of ion propulsion, solar sails, helium-3, nuclear fusion and matter-antimatter devices as well as plasma engines all intrigue us. The sooner we reach 10% light speed, the sooner we'll venture out into inter-stellar space. The sooner we figure out how to exploit the riches of space, the sooner we can "live off the land" in space as we venture to such distant places. Putting it all in perspective on a familiar scale, if the solar system were nestled at the center of a small town on the East cost of the US, with the inner planets only a hundred few feet away from the center and Pluto resided towards the end of town, Alpha Centauri would be in China!

We are at the threshold of amazing discoveries and goals, deeds our forefathers could not fathom. I respect those brave and bold soldiers of mankind who risked their lives to fulfill man's quest for adventure and exploration. So, in radio, we must do the same and have daring and bold dreams, rich journeys that fulfill our deepest whims.

For guests on the show, we're seeking writers, experts or knowledgeable people who can speak extensively on science and/or science fiction topics. Our goal is to marry science and science fiction.

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