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Pete Zindler: Naval officer, writer, science fiction buff.
Thaddeus Howze: science expert, writer, talk show host, visionary.
Dave Dorman: Graphic artist, designer of Star Wars art and Alien expert.
Charles Justiz: NASA trainer and science fiction writer.
Matthew Johnson
John Barnes: Science fiction writer
Tom Davis
Jim MaGuire: Entrepreneur and provider of renewable energy.
Sean Thompson
Jared Aragona: Science fiction writer
Brock Cooper: Alien spokesman
Reece Evans
Joseph Picard: Sci-Fi Writer -- Author of Echoes of Erebus
Kathy Porter: Science fiction writer
Dr. Bill Forstchen: Professor. His new book, One Second After
Darren Compo
Ira Nayman: Comedy writer
Bill Nye: Bill Nye the Science Guy
Ray Luchesi
Jon Bonnell
Dr. Greg Matloff: Professor of physics at CUNY
Don Prescott: A Fortune 500 aerospace executive for over thirty years and a planetarium program director for ten years. Now he launches his new book, Is There Time?
Katherine Rowe: A recent graduate is bursting at the seams with research and eager to establish her view on the cosmos.

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