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Albert Einstein: Relativity theory, space-time and gravity. Big ideas of the cosmos.
Carl Sagon: Pioneer in formulating the best picture of the cosmos. He elucidated the theories of the cosmos by revealing the observatons of the ancient peoples.
Stephen Hawking: The first theorest to explain black hole and information theory.
Michio Kaku: Professor at City College, CUNY. TV show The Science of Sci-Fi.
Bill Nye: Bill Nye is best known for his children's science TV programs. Better known as Bill Nye--the science guy!
Neal deGrasse Tyson: Curator of Hayden Planetarium in New York. He is a well-known, bodern comos theorest. He wrote a book about Pluto.
Carlos I. Calle: His best book, The Universe -- Order without Design.

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